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Last login: Dec 1, 2022 - 06:57 
Created: Mar 20, 2017 
Info blurb:

Interested to join FS? join #FS and discuss about it.
Won't tolerate if accusing me of cheating isn't good idea.
I am nice and friendly if you're nice to me we will get along. :)

FFA Experience
Highest Rank:305 
Tournament Participation
 Tournament  Round 
ZDC Intl Duel Tournament #04 Xmas 2019 NS  2  Eliminated 
ZDC Intl Duel Tournament #03 November 2019 OS  2  Eliminated 
ZDC Intl Duel Tournament #02 October 2019 NS  Final  Lost 
ZDC Intl Duel Tournament #01 September 2019 OS  3  Eliminated 
USA Old School Open Tournament June 2018  Final  Lost 
USA Old School Tournament March 2018  3  Eliminated 

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