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Created: Jan 3, 2011 
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Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.

FFA Experience
Highest Rank:2949 

Tournament Participation
 Tournament  Round  Result 
USA June '12 Old School Tournament  1  Eliminated 
USA April '12 Survival Tournament  Final  Lost on Team: [PD] 
USA March '12 Old School Tournament  1  Eliminated 
Euro March '12 Old School Tournament  1  Eliminated 
USA February '12 CTF Tournament  2  Eliminated on Team: [BAM] 
Euro February '12 New School Tournament  1  Eliminated 
USA January '12 New School Tournament  3  Eliminated 
Euro January '12 Old School Tournament  1  Eliminated 
USA December '11 TeamDM Tournament  1  Eliminated on Team: Pepper Sprayers (Captain) 
USA April '11 Survival Tournament  Final  Lost on Team: Chuck Norris Incarnate (Captain) 
USA March '11 TeamDM Tournament  1  Eliminated on Team: Big Booty Bitches (Captain) 

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