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Focus too hard on killing someone, you get shot in the back, dont think at all you get swarmed, either way you die =) R.I.P Thunder lover of FFA!
R.I.P. Toke

FFA Experience
Highest Rank:749 

Tournament Participation
 Tournament  Round  Result 
USA Intermediate Tournament March 2006  3  Eliminated 
USA Intermediate Tournament February 2006  1  Eliminated 
USA Intermediate Tournament December 2005  1  Eliminated 
USA map01 Xmas Tourney - December 2005  2  Eliminated 
USA Intermediate Tournament November 2005  1  Eliminated 
USA Int Tourney October 2005  1  Eliminated 
USA New School Tourney October 2005  1  Eliminated 
[s]Thunder Memorial Tourney - USA Int. May 2005  Final  Lost 

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