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Last login: Apr 13, 2023 - 22:59 
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D2m1 expert, as of recent couse of lack of will on other maps (which leads to bad play and scores) choosed not to play anything except the thing i'm best at, so don't bother asking for other maps, I play one and only "Entryway" :).

FFA Experience
Highest Rank:54 

Tournament Participation
 Tournament  Round  Result 
ZDolympics - Doom Racing - February 2006  Final  Won on Team: Chewy and Sedlo 
ZDolympics Shooting Range - February 2006  1  Eliminated on Team: Bwolf & Sedlo 
ZDolympics - Ice Race - February/March 2006  Final  Lost on Team: BWolf & Sedlo 
Euro map01 Xmas Special WB - December 2005  Final  Won 
Euro Open Tourney December 2005  1  Eliminated 
Euro Pro Tourney February 2005  Final  Won 
Euro Xmas Special Pro Tourney - December 2004  Final  Lost 

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