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Last login: Jan 22, 2007 - 17:44 
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I will shove my BFG up your...ah damnit have to deal with a n00b. :)

FFA Experience
Highest Rank:11 
Tournament Participation
 Tournament  Round 
USA d5m7 Xmas OS Tourney - December 2006  1  Eliminated 
Toke Memorial Tourney September 2006  1  Eliminated 
Euro Pro Tourney June 2006  1  Eliminated 
USA New School Tournament November 2005  Final  Lost 
USA Open Tournament November 2005  3  Eliminated 
USA New School Tourney October 2005  2  Eliminated 
USA Open Tournament October 2005  Final  Lost 
USA Open Tourney September 2005  1  Eliminated 
USA Open Tourney June 2005  Final  Won 
[s]Thunder Memorial Tourney - USA Open May 2005  3  Eliminated 

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